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Current Projects


Time-frame: May 2014 - In Progress

Description: A fun and entertaining Point Of Vision LED globe to create fun visualizations.

Technology Used:

Details: More details about how I did this when I am done!

Finished Projects

Opportunity Scape

Time-frame: Sept 2013 - In Progress

Description: The Society for Computer Engineering Opportunity Scape project is a means of spreading opportunity between students, faculty, and alumnus of San Jose State University.

Technology Used:

Details: The Opportunity Scape (previously called Alumni Portal) was a project that I took out of a whim. It was assigned to me by the Society of Computer Engineering Advisor as a support for the members of SCE and the rest of the Computer Engineering and Software Engineering students. Originally, it was not my project and getting it to work was not my problem. But I saw potential in this application working, so I worked on it. I am the sole creator of the Opportunity Scape and every line of code that is not provided by a library was made by myself. This is one of the largest projects that I have ever completed.

Credits: To the original Alumni Portal lies with the two Alumnus of SJSU Alben Cheng and Tim Quan.

Links: Opportunity Scape

Kammce Calc2

Dec 2012 - Feb 2013 : Time-frame

A Mobile and Web Calculator for Engineers : Description

: Technology Used

Details : I started design on this project when I caught wind of a Sencha Touch competition called "HTML5 is Ready." This was my motivation to begin creating this application as well as a catalyst for me to start web and mobile application design. This competition got me noticed by blackberry and they asked to join the alpha blackberry development competition. Although I did not win either of these competitions, I learned a lot from them and now I can consider myself a web and mobile application designer.

Kammce Calc2 : Links


Project Start Date: Apr 2012

Description: A from scratch simple command-line micro OS.

Technology Used:

Details: KinXOS is a project that I decided to do on my own when I felt I wanted to learn more about how Operating Systems worked. I did research, found tutorials, built my tool-chain and started writing. It was never meant to be of any use to anyone. It was meant to be a project for my own educational purposes.
I plan on continuing this project when I take courses equivalent to the subject matter of this project at University.


For KinX OS Source Code: Follow me!

For KinX OS Compiled Code: Follow me!

To Emulate this OS (I recommend NOT running this on bare hardware) use: Boches or Qemu

Website Portfolio

Jun 2012 - Present : Time-frame

The websites I have designed over the years. : Description

See 'web' skills below. : Technology Used

Bayber Technologies website: Designed

Society For Computer Engineers: Designed

Stanislaus Hospital :Did Work on Website

Highschool Projects

Project Start Date(s): Throughout my high school career

Description: Some of the websites, flash animations/games and some java programs that I made in my youth.

Technology Used:


Flash Animation: Reflex Part 1

Flash Game: A.T.K.A. Demo

About Me

My passion, my hobby, and sometimes my obsession is technology. I spend every waking day programming or working on one of my projects. I spend my free time researching and learning about the old and the new, whether it be how computer worked in the 80s or the new advances in quantum computing.

I am the seeker of the forefronts of technology, for only there lies my objectives.

My desire in life is to be a mechanism that brings humanity's dreams of the future into the possible of today.

My current fascination is on analog circuits.

Education & Experience

Bachelor of Science: Computer Engineering

August 2012 - 2020 Expected

Company: EPGY, Stanford University

Time-frame: June 2014 - CURRENT

Time-frame: June 2013 - August 2013


  • Help students understand course concepts.
  • Assist students with the various projects in the course such as the wind turbine and robot project.
  • Set up labs and 3D print out turbine blades.
  • Teach students how to program in C.

Company: San Jose State University

Time-frame: Feb 2013 - May 2014

Course: Intro to Engineering


  • Help students understand course concepts.
  • Assist students with the various projects in the course such as the wind turbine and robot project.
  • Set up labs and 3D print out turbine blades.

Company: K.A.M.M.C.E. Corp

Time-frame: August 2007 - August 2012


  • Ran an IT business in Sacramento setting up and building computers and small networks for homes and small businesses.
  • Fixed client's software and hardware computer problems.
  • Designed websites.

Company: Bayber Technology


  • Designed and implemented Bayber Technology's website.
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